What We Do

Right Buying for Retail

Deciding on what to buy and how much to buy for each store for a full Season is the holy grail for all Fashion Retail businesses.  In fact, money in Retail Fashion business is made on RIGHT BUYING rather than on selling.

Sophisticated Demand Forecasting

Using sophisticated modeling and data mining techniques, we have developed a superior, self-correcting demand forecasting methodology that is the backbone of our solution that facilitates RIGHT BUYING in advance for the Season.

Predictive Merchandizing Solutions

We offer Predictive solutions (Dynamic Demand Forecasting) and Prescriptive solutions (Seasonal Buy Plan; Automated Replenishment System; Stock-transfer recommendations and Mark-down recommendations.

Our Focus Areas

Improving Full Priced Sales

Dynamic demand forecasting through the unique concept of VoS (Velocity of Sales) ensures keeping Right stocks at the Right Place at the Right Time, enabling higher sell-through ratio for full-priced merchandise in the early part of the season.

Minimizing Opportunity Loss due to Stock-outs

Dynamic tracking of product performance through VoS (Velocity of Sales) helps in identifying mis-matches in stocks at various locations, enabling recommendations on stock-transfer to be made.

Optimizing Mark-down Costs

With a higher sell-through ratio during full-priced sales season, the need for mark-downs are reduced in the End of Season sales period, thereby optimizing the mark-down costs.

About DataBrooke Analytics

In the fickle world of consumer preferences and great advancements in Data analytics field, Buying & Merchandizing has become the MOST CRITICAL differentiator of success in fashion businesses. Profits are made or lost based on how good is the predictive (demand forecasting) and prescriptive (buying & merchandizing) models are in the Data Analytics platform being used. DataBrooke Analytics has the benefit of great knowledge and insights coming from the vast experience of leaders in the Retail merchandizing; Statistical modelling and Data-base design and analytics areas.  Helping Clients scale Fashion businesses profitably is the only measure of success for us. To demonstrate our commitment, we are willing to accept a large part of our Fees to Success metrics on defined parameters. You can’t ask for anything better. Do call us NOW.

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