The Insights Platform is the interface for power users from customer end as well as analytics experts to be able to operate the entire system at one source point dynamically.

The Methods Library of algorithms, formulas involving statistical and advanced analytics tools and procedures is the core of experience and expertise that is tapped in to for quick and appropriate on-call use by the analytics teams.

The Rules Engine is the tested bank of procedures that can be deployed for the series of processes at various stages of regular and routine analysis. It is also the Method repository for specific client categories or cases.

Data Management

Data harmonization, integration and quality control is a critical area for processing increasing volumes of data. Creating, maintaining and even scrubbing and cleaning data sets are a critical activity for any data analytics base. This is done on a repeated and planned basis periodically.

Predictive Analytics is the real game changing set of analytical techniques that bring massive scale data analysis capabilities to client situations in the form of scientific, replicable and proof based interventions. Clustering, Standardizing, Regression, Optimization and Forecasting are the wide areas that are used to enable predictions that work.

KPIs and Performance Analysis

Performance is always the proof of any enterprise or team working well and delivering to the goals. Reporting outlier activity, rises, declines and swings while making sure the causes of such movements are identified and communicated , is another area of delivery of value.


Data and movement visualization through graphs and reports including tabular arrays is the most basic but important tool that can make or break any initiative. This is again, flexible and regularly delivered.

Self service Reporting and Dashboards

The thinking and ideating dashboards are also available for deeper and higher level analysis and sharing. This is a one view or drill up and drill down views of the reports and data visuals that are searchable over time and also for analysis.

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