Easy to Configure

DataBrooke Engagements are, by definition, quick and easy to configure to a wide range of retail product categories and formats. It covers Fashion to Consumer Products from Single Brand Single Category to Multi Brand Multi Category Store formats. The DataBrooke Way Platform and Processes are devised for easy deployment through on the go easy to configure back end systems.

Primacy of Business Requirements

Each business is Unique with respect to the category dynamics and consumer behavior in online/offline channels. The granularity of analysis at gender / category / consumer segment / style / color / size / price-range and any other relevant product attribute will vary depending on the category / client. The DataBrooke Way Platform recognizes this uniqueness of each business and aligns its analytical framework accordingly, rather than forcing businesses to align to its standard framework.

Easy to Align

The DataBrooke Way Platform uses a vast library of methods and statistical programs to effortlessly align its methodology to the unique requirements, co-created with individual businesses. This avoids costly programming efforts at the back-end (typical in customization efforts) in addition to being extremely transparent to clients on what or which parameter is being tweaked, as the tweaking is generally done through an easy to understand customer interface.

Continuous Fine-tuning

Each week, the performance is monitored by the experts through The DataBrooke Way Platform and the need for tweaking algorithms is identified and implemented with the approval of the client, to provide continuous improvement of performance of the platform.

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