Who Will Benefit

Businesses in the Fashion Apparel and Accessories categories (both offline retail chain and online) where right buying & merchandizing is critical for the profitability of the business and where seasonality or product obsolescence issues affect the profitability, will greatly benefit from our Data analytics Platform.

Fashion Businesses

Fashion businesses across Apparel, Lingerie and accessories like Footwear, Watches, Jewelry, Eyewear, Hand-Bags; Leather or any category where seasonality is important and having the RIGHT assortment at each store is critical for overall profitability is where The DataBrooke Way Platform makes the most impact. Balancing between opportunity loss of sale due to stock-outs and high mark-down costs due to excess inventory is both an art and Science and our Platform makes it easy for your Fashion business to get to that golden balance.

Assortment Plan Complexity in Chain Stores

It is easy to understand customer behavior in a single store and create an appropriate assortment plan. However, creating the right assortment for hundreds of stores located in different towns (or even different locations in a town with very different socio-economic profiles) creates a humongous problem. The DataBrooke Way Platform reduces the complexity and prescribes what needs to be bought or kept at each location (dynamically changing it as the product performance trends emerge during the season) using special optimization algorithms developed by us.

Assortment Plan Complexity in Online Channels

Creating Assortment Plans for online channels is even more complex. The challenge is that potential customers have visibility of available stocks across all stocking points with very different preference scores from customers based on prior experience and speed and cost of delivery. The DataBrooke Way Platform separately addresses the online channel with necessary changes introduced to the demand forecasting and fulfilment functions.

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